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Winston McCullough

Dr. Winston McCullough has two masters degrees and a PhD in psychology from NYU and has worked in industry for 25 years as an industrial/organizational psychologist and director of communications and employee benefit programs. He taught for several years at Columbia University and teaches currently at Oregon State University, including courses such as Positive Psychology, Psychology of Meditation, World Religions, and Great Figures: Jesus and Buddha. Dr. McCullough has designed and currently leads the adult education program, “Paths to Happiness,” which explores the intersections of 21st century psychology and spiritual paths such as Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, and progressive Christian life, with the goal of personal and social transformation.

Winston has studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism and yoga for 20 years, is well educated in ancient Tibetan Buddhist scriptures and has studied deeply with prominent Tibetan Buddhist Lamas at Sera Mey Monastery in India. Dr. McCullough also completed an in-depth course of personal study reflecting a Christian seminary curriculum under the guidance of Marcus Borg. He currently leads musical Sunday worship at the First Presbyterian Church in Corvallis, Oregon where he also developed and taught a six-year adult education program, “Seeing Jesus through Eastern Eyes,” connecting the ancient Wisdom and Compassion teachings of Jesus and Tibetan Buddhism. Winston has led hundreds of Buddhist courses and meditation retreats in the U.S. and internationally for the past 15 years, and he preaches an occasional Sunday sermon. He also leads the Gratitude jazz band and founded the UpBeat Café, a Saturday night dining and musical celebration based on principles of positive psychology and spiritual well being. First and foremost, Winston is a loving husband and father to three amazing children, and he is a grateful and happy man.

Winston McCullough instructs the following:
  • The Wise Yogi: Glimpses of Shunyata
  • Wisdom is understanding that I’m experiencing my world, not the world. -Judith Lasater  
    All yogic and meditative practice is oriented toward growing in our intimacy with Truth. Paradoxically, truth, in this case is just as much about building knowledge as it is about deconstructing what we think we “know” for sure. It is in this exquisite space between knowing and not, that love can bloom more fully… that suffering is soothed… and life becomes full of possibility. This workshop will include lecture, discussion, and meditation and will be taught by long-time wisdom student, teacher, and psychology professor, Dr. Winston McCullough.
    Meditaiton Immersion Module 8: April 28-30 2017
    Friday 4/28 7:30-9:30pm
    Saturday 4/29 12-4pm 
    Sunday 4/30 2-4pm 
    $149 early bird before April 14th, 2017; $169 after. We ask that participants pre-register by Wednesday 4/26 at the latest. Thank you so dearly!