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Kimberly Lafferty

Kimberley is a teacher, writer, mother and wife. She has spent twenty five years studying and teaching Tibetan Buddhism, Himalayan yoga tantra and western integral theory. She founded and directed a non-profit adult education company that certified hundreds of yoga teachers around the world. Kimberley spent over three cumulative years in solitary retreat, graduated from a twelve year advanced degree study program with the Asian Classics Institute, and eventually became one of the first American female lineage Lamas to teach Vajrayana Buddhism. She completed western doctoral work in Human Development to bring western balance to her education, and now follows a call that includes a child, a book, and a country island in the Pacific Northwest.

Kimberly Lafferty instructs the following:
  • Love, Sex & Death: Living Tantra in America
  • Start seeing everything as God, But keep it a secret -Hafiz  
    Most religious traditions bear two tracks, or curriculums, through which to develop one’s self spiritually. The first is foundational and the second, involving the realm of the mystical or that which is inclusive of, yet beyond foundations. These latter tracks are the ultimate koan, the religious or spiritual practice for which all other practices were but a preparation. And that is, the practice of your very life, and involves that which drives you, lights you up, and incites passion in your heart, in your pelvis, and in your soul. In the yogic and Buddhist traditions, this track is called Tantra and it’s considered the quickest, no-holds-barred route to enlightenment. Widely misunderstood, we’ll take a forthright and applicable approach to Tantra. This workshop is taught by long-time practitioner and teacher, Kimberley Theresa Lafferty, of the Seattle area and will include lecture, discussion, and meditation.  
    Meditation Immersion Module 9: May 27-28 2017  
    Saturday 5/27 5:30-10:30pm
    Sunday 5/28 5:30-10:30pm
    $149 early bird before May 12th; $169 after. We ask that participants pre-register by Wednesday 5/24 at the latest. Thank you so dearly!