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Why am I excited Jules Mitchell is coming to Corvallis? by Lisa Wells

Jules Mitchell is both an exercise scientist and a yogini/yoga teacher. She wrote her Master's Thesis in biomechanics on the science of stretching. She started this work as a yogi to better understand what we were doing in our asana practices. She discovered that much of the anecdotal information that we pass along in yoga classes is unsupported by scientific work in the study of stretching. She now leads workshops and classes with the intention of dispelling common myths about yoga and stretching while teaching us wiser and safer ways to increase our range of motion and proficiency in asana.

As a 'body nerd' and 'yoga dork' I'm really excited to deepen my understanding of how our bodies work. And I hope you will join us. Your interest exceeded Live Well's capacity, so we've moved the workshop to Downtown Dance (2nd Street). That means we have about 15 additional spaces that have opened up. We hope you join us.

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