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January 20th: Yoga on a General Strike Day

By Lisa Wells

On January 20th President Obama becomes former President Obama and President-elect Trump becomes President Trump. Many things are happening to mark the day. As someone who finds the President-elect’s misogynistic and racist rhetoric to be unacceptable in ‘my president and the leader of the free world’ I have a strong desire to join the General Strike that has been called for on Inauguration Day. However, I also feel the need to be at the studio and hold a safe place for others who may feel threatened by the incoming administrations agenda and whose spirits can be held safe with yoga. Having talked with Koa and Mona, the other teachers who are scheduled to teach that day, they have similar feelings to me.  So, we’ve made a plan.

1)   Lisa’s 10am Gentle class in the morning will be free to all comers. If you’re on a class pass, I won’t be charging you. If you bring a friend or two or three, they’ll get in free.  I personally don’t want to generate income to feed the economy that day.  I will also be contributing $5/person who attends my class to the Civil Liberties Defense Center ( The CLDC is a non-profit legal firm out of Eugene that defends cases where civil liberties and constitutional rights are threatened as well as providing civil liberty trainings for activists of all ages.  The CLDC are the lawyers for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, ND.

2)   Koa (7am and 5:30pm Flow Yoga) and Mona (12pm Pilates) will be donating the profits from their classes to local and national non-profits that defend civil liberties and stand up for women, the indigent and people of color.

I intend to take the spirit of the strike with me into the world on the 20th as a personal ‘buy nothing day.’  And perhaps you’ll join me at the ‘Inaugurate Eco and Social Justice’ ( event and march which will convene at 3:30pm in Central Park and end with tabling and cider in the Odd Fellows Hall around 5pm. I’d love to see you there!