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Yoga Nidra - Level 0

This class is taught by:

Katelin Gallagher

I’ve practiced yoga for thirteen years, and have taught for the last nine. Each passing day brings me into deeper relationship with the practice, myself, and others. Yoga teaches me to unravel the intricacies of my heart and when I think I’ve reached some end point it guides me to a new corner. My hatha yoga practice teaches me to pay attention to my body, that there is much to be learned from this body, and that the body is a gateway to presence, wisdom and love. I am grateful to study Hatha Yoga with the masterful Kira Sloane, Lisa Wells, Darren Rhodes, and Christina Sell, and I study meditation, philosophy, and Tibetan Buddhism with Kimberley Theresa, Mira Shani, Jarret Levine, and Douglas Veenhoff. My meditation practice teaches me of the profundity of the mind, attention and dreams. I finished my Master's degree at OSU in contemplative practices, Buddhist philosophy, and psychology. I will be away for 2018 in a solitary meditation retreat. Please stay in touch: http://wisdomlotus.org

Kristina Lange

Owner Kristina Lange exited the corporate world in 2004 to pursue her passion for helping people create their own productive passionate lives. After a year of traveling (one of her personal passions) she founded EndWell Coaching as the hub for this new vocation. Soon after she started teaching pilates. “There is so much interplay between life coaching and body work, it was just a natural fit for me.” First introduced to mat pilates in the mid 90‘s Kristina shares, “I was smitten by the effectiveness of the work and its ability to focus my thinking. It became the gateway for me to learn how to quiet my mind and expand my practice into other areas like yoga.” 
Join us and slip into the gifts of stillness with Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation practice, requiring only our presence and willingness to become still and listen. This systematic method of relaxation brings us into the space between wakefulness and sleep, blessing us with quietude, calm and clarity.

Dress as you would for a yoga class with added layers for warmth, including cozy socks. Props will be provided.
No meditation experience required. All levels welcome.

1 Class pass or $18 drop-in; Free for members