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Kristen Anderson

Kristen teaches a strong and mindful vinyasa flow. Her personal practice includes vinyasa, power, ashtanga, hatha and yoga philosophy - specifically the yoga sutras. She values being a student of yoga, and life, and is grateful for the practice and for her teachers. Her classes offer the stability of tradition as well as opportunity to dig deep, explore, connect, and grow in your practice.

Kristen Anderson instructs the following:
  • Flow Yoga ~ Level All
  • Flow yoga (level all) synchronizes movement with breath as yoga postures flow from one to the next. This all levels class moves as a flowing practice. Students learn new poses through experience and guidance while in the midst of ‘a practice’. Class may include inversions and arm balances along with sun salutes, standing poses, back bends, forward bends, meditation and relaxation. Meditation and savasana bound the practice.