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Olivia Heath

Olivia has loved yoga from the first time she stepped onto a mat at a Chicago Park District class in 2006. The majority of her practice has involved traditional hatha, vinyasa, and restorative styles. She has also practiced beginner Ashtanga and Forrest as well as Bikram and other heated styles of yoga. Olivia strives to achieve sthira (steadiness) and sukha (comfort) in her practice; alignment and modifications are top priorities in each pose. Classes she teaches are a creative and deliberate fusion of asana, pranayama, and mindfulness with some music and smiling mixed in too. The word Yoga means “to unite”, and Olivia loves connecting with others and sharing the experience of yoga! Off the mat, Olivia is an academic advisor at OSU and a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA essential oils. She enjoys cooking, coloring, volunteering, knitting, and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Olivia Heath instructs the following:
  • Hatha Yoga ~ Level All
  • Hatha yoga is the physical practice of yoga. This class encompasses yoga poses, breathwork, meditation, and relaxation. A variety of forms are used, including flowing yoga poses, static work where poses are held and alignment highlighted, restorative poses, gentle inversions, self-massage techniques and more. Use of props is encouraged and all levels from beginner to intermediate practitioners will benefit from this practice.

  • Gentle Yoga ~ Level 1
  • Everyone can benefit from gentle yoga practiced with awareness on the subtleties of sensation, alignment, and energy. Gentle Yoga offers many benefits: it increases mobility, range of motion, joint stability, strength, balance, and endurance while reducing pain, decreasing stress, and improving overall health. This class avoids weight bearing on the wrists and knees, while including standing poses, balancing poses, core and back strengthening, mental acuity training, relaxation, and body awareness. This class will teach poses and body awareness with adaptations, modifications, and the use of props to accommodate all bodies. Guided meditation and relaxation bound the practice.