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Dean Jones

Dean first tried yoga in 1996 as an 'easy' fitness credit while at
college. Intrigued he continued the practice until 2010 when it became
a much more significant part of his life. Dean completed both his 200
and 300 hour teacher trainings at Live Well studio as of 2018. Deans'
classes often involve a focus on nervous system relaxation, respecting
ones own intuition, linking movement to breath, practicing presence in
our bodies, minds and hearts, meditation, as well as letting go and
perhaps having some goofy fun. Life is often quite serious, after all
this is only practice! When not practicing he can be found rock
climbing, drinking tea, reading books, playing role playing games, and
eating chocolate.

Dean Jones instructs the following:
  • Flow Yoga ~ Level All
  • Flow yoga (level all) synchronizes movement with breath as yoga postures flow from one to the next. This all levels class moves as a flowing practice. Students learn new poses through experience and guidance while in the midst of ‘a practice’. Class may include inversions and arm balances along with sun salutes, standing poses, back bends, forward bends, meditation and relaxation. Meditation and savasana bound the practice.

  • Gentle Yoga ~ Level 1
  • Everyone can benefit from gentle yoga practiced with awareness on the subtleties of sensation, alignment, and energy. Gentle Yoga offers many benefits: it increases mobility, range of motion, joint stability, strength, balance, and endurance while reducing pain, decreasing stress, and improving overall health. This class avoids weight bearing on the wrists and knees, while including standing poses, balancing poses, core and back strengthening, mental acuity training, relaxation, and body awareness. This class will teach poses and body awareness with adaptations, modifications, and the use of props to accommodate all bodies. Guided meditation and relaxation bound the practice.

  • New Year's Day Yoga: 108 Sun Salutations
  • Set your intention for your next cycle around the sun and celebrate the new year with 108 sun salutations. Led and counted by the instructor so you do not have to keep track, you will move, breathe and flow through the repeating sequence. Modify each set to pace your self, and remember - a sun salutation can be as simple as following the breath and as dynamic as flying through the sky. A mala is a prayer necklace with 108 beads, and your 108 salutations commit your practice for the year to come.