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Ellen Street

Ellen (Ara'ti) was born, raised and trained in Sonoma County, California. She began practicing Hatha yoga in her pre-teens to complement her training as a Scottish Highland dancer. As she developed as a yogi, she explored other traditions and styles including Ashtanga, Virya, Bikram, and Sahaj. Her teaching experience began in 2013, soon after completing a certified 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training through the Ananda Seva Mission where she was trained in the Sahaj system; a branch of Hatha yoga centered around Tantric philosophy. Yoga teacher training helped refine her knowledge of energetic practices, using physical asana as a pathway to powerful breath and meditation techniques. Ellen’s exploration of energetic practices led her to pursue formal education as a student of nutrition. She is currently working towards a doctorate in nutrition at Oregon State University. Traveling around during her undergraduate education allowed Ellen to work with a wide variety of people, teaching at community and commercial gyms, senior centers, subsidized housing communities and yoga studios. Ellen’s vivacious spirit and playful attitude invigorate her creative sequencing and lighthearted attitude toward facing challenges on and off the mat. She uses meditation, pranayama, and asana to encourage curiosity, self-investigation and play, forging a path towards radical self-love and connection with our own divine nature.

Ellen Street instructs the following:
  • Flow Yoga - Level All
  • Flow yoga (level all) synchronizes movement with breath as yoga postures flow from one to the next. This all levels class moves as a flowing practice. This class blends Hatha and Vinyasa styles to serve up a balanced dose of flexibility and strength. Students learn new poses through experience and guidance while in the midst of ‘a practice’. Class may include meditation, pranayama, seated spinal stretches, core, standing poses & balance, prone, supine postures + twists/inversions, and savasana will end the practice.