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Class Descriptions





Level 0

Classes are therapeutic in nature and are accessible to everyone, regardless of ability and injury status. If you have serious physical limitations, please seek a doctor’s guidance before starting an exercise program.



Level 1

Classes are accessible to those new to yoga and people wanting to practice at a slow and thoughtful pace.




Level All

Classes are for continuing students and offer both beginner and more advanced variations of the yoga poses and exercises.


Level 2


Classes are more challenging. You will be introduced to advanced postures, inversions, and arm balances.

Chair Yoga

Resiliency Yoga

 Community Yoga

Gentle Yoga

Core Yoga

Flow Yoga


Hatha Yoga


Power Flow

Rise & Shine Pilates


Teen Yoga

Yoga | Acro 

Holding Strong


 level0Chair Yoga, Level 0

Chair Yoga provides the benefits of yoga to all bodies and is well suited to those with medical or physical limitations. Yoga poses are adapted so that all bodies can benefit from the strengthening, flexibility, balance and grace that yoga develops. Much of the practice is done while seated in a folding chair. You do not need to be able to get yourself to the floor or to stand for extended periods of time to practice. Yoga’s breathing and gentle movement help ease pain, maintain comfort, decrease stress and improve overall health throughout life.  All are welcome.

level1Community Yoga, Level 1

Community Yoga is Yoga for everyone!  A yoga practice of posture, breathing, and relaxation that improves overall health and well being.  Rotating teachers, often from the Live Well Studio teacher training program.  $7, no one turned away for lack of funds.

levelall2_copyCore Yoga, Level all

This class will help you connect deeply to your inner strength. You'll fire up your core as you flow through strengthening sequences that build heat from within by connecting breath to movement. Stabilizing and strengthening the entire core will lead to a balanced, healthier, happier you with less pain and fewer injuries! This class offers modification for all levels. 

levelall2_copyFlow Yoga, Level All

Flow yoga synchronizes movement with breath as yoga postures flow from one to the next. The all levels class moves as a flowing practice.  Students learn new poses through experience and guidance while in the midst of ‘a practice’. Class may include inversions and arm balances along with sun salutes, standing poses, back bends, forward bends, meditation and relaxation. Meditation and savasana bound the practice. 

level1Gentle Yoga, Level 1

Everyone can benefit from gentle yoga practiced with awareness on the subtleties of sensation, alignment, and energy. Gentle Yoga offers many benefits: it increases mobility, range of motion, joint stability, strength, balance, and endurance while reducing pain, decreasing stress, and improving overall health. This class avoids weight bearing on the wrists and knees, while including standing poses, balancing poses, core and back strengthening, mental acuity training, relaxation, and body awareness. This class will teach poses and body awareness with adaptations, modifications, and the use of props to accommodate all bodies. Guided meditation and relaxation bound the practice

levelall2_copyHatha Yoga, Level All

Hatha yoga is the physical practice of yoga.  This class encompasses yoga poses, breathwork, meditation, and relaxation.  A variety of forms are used, including flowing yoga poses, static work where poses are held and alignment highlighted, restorative poses, gentle inversions, self-massage techniques and more.  Use of props is encouraged and all levels from beginner to intermediate practitioners will benefit from this practice.


 Holding Strong, Level 2

Through a series of set postures, this active vinyasa style of yoga grounds and strengthens the body, focuses the mind and calms the heart. Breath dictates the rhythm of movement and anchors the practice. Class includes sun salutations, standing and seated postures, arm balances, twist and inversions, therefore, Student's knowledge of yoga postures and own body is essential so that modification and variations may be utilized as needed. This is an Ashtanga inspired practice. 

levelall2_copyPilates, Level All

Pilates is an exercise form that focuses on developing core strength, flexibility and grace. This class is mix of standing and floor exercises and is cued with options for beginning to advanced level students.  

levelall2_copyPower Flow, Level All

Power Flow channels your inner warrior in this powerful sunrise class. Designed to expand your awareness, build strength, and transform your practice. Power Flow focuses on building a strong foundation and clear alignment to help you build towards more advanced asana in other Live Well Classes. Changes weekly with sessions targeting specific areas of the body and one week of total body tune up each month. Students can jump in at any time, this class is all levels with no advanced yoga experience required as well as no advanced asana practiced in class. Whether you are looking to build strength, cross train or simply have a powerful morning, Power Flow will fuel your inner fire and give you the energy to start your day off right.

level0Resiliency Yoga, Level 0

Resiliency yoga is a uniquely designed yoga system. Each class utilizes movement, breath work, and meditation techniques backed by recent brain research. We will use Mindfulness and Quiet Mind practices, as described by the NeuroMeditation Institute, which illicit slow brain waves indicative of a calming nervous system. This class is ideal for people working with anxiety, stress, or persistent pain.

levelall2_copyRise & Shine Pilates, Level All

This class will strengthen your core, tone your muscles, and kick-start your day.  Incorporating 3-D sequencing that considers body position, muscle balance, and body movement, this class is a complete, whole body workout.  Open to all levels.  Community class, suggested donation $7, no one turned away for lack of funds.

levelall2_copyTeen Yoga, Level All

Yoga just for teens. Stretch, move, wiggle, strengthen and then free and relax your body. It's fun and it's good for you too. All teens welcome. Free Class.



Yoga | Acro | Foundations | Skill Building

This class will strengthen your AcroYoga practice by nurturing a balance of the interplay between the Yoga and Acro aspects of this practice.A structured, progressive and repetitious class, you’ll advance according to your invest in the skills shared. Each skill builds upon previous skills creating progressive growth. Repetitions move the skill from the mind into the body so your movement flows without thought. Homework will be offered to help smooth the sticky spots in your movement. There will be space for creativity and development of your style along this dynamic Yoga | Acro spectrum. Developing proficiency in skills shared will support you in being creative in your AcroYoga practice as well as participate in most AcroYoga events.