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How often do I need to take class?

Creating a regular practice will yield the greatest benefits. We suggest making a commitment of practicing at least twice a week. Consider adding a home practice, even if it is only a few asanas or moves each day. Practice is important.  Whatever movement style works for you, yoga, dance or Pilates, practice and you will reap rewards.


How much experience should you have before attending a level 2 yoga class?

In level 2 we expect that you have basic familiarly with common poses and have the confidence to adjust and modify where you need to to be safe and take good care of yourself.  The first time to come to a level 2 class arrive ~10 minutes early and let the instructor know it’s your first level 2 class with them. They simply be mindful to provide guidance as appropriate.  Another good tactic is to come to the instructors ‘all level’ class a few times, then try their level 2. This will have you familiar the instructors style and the instructor familiar with you.

I have specific questions about my practice and the exercises?

Your teacher is here to answer them. If you need special help or attention, beyond what can be answered at the end of a class, consider scheduling a private session for more personalized attention.
What if I arrive late? If you arrive late for a yoga class and meditation has begun, join us and sit quietly until the meditation is complete. Once we have finished meditation, you can lay out your mat and props for your practice. If you arrive late for other group classes, please quietly join the class. If you arrive more then 15 minutes late for a private or duo session, you will forfeit your session and be charged the standard rate.
Please note on some occasions the doors maybe locked when class starts, we encourage you to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of your session.


What if I need to leave early?

If you must leave early, please let your teacher know ahead of time (they can pick up your props for you). Make sure you give yourself a few minutes of meditation, savasana, or cool down before you leave.


Women’s health issues?

Inversions are contraindicated during the menstrual cycle, especially during the first few days of flow. Let your teacher know and they’ll offer alternative poses for you. Pilates is contraindicated if you have NOT been practicing and become pregnant. If you have a regular Pilates practice before pregnancy, please continue your practice and consult your teacher for personal guidance.


Can I attend if I’m recovering from an injury?

If you have specific health issues that may limit your practice please consult with your physician before starting a practice.


What class is best for me?

Give us a call or drop by the studio.  We can consult with you and point you in the direction a class that best fits your needs.


Will I be sore after starting yoga or pilates?

A little soreness after your first few classes is normal, it’s the body awakening. If you are having specific, persistent or nagging pain, talk to your teacher.


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing such as sweats, athletic pants, t-shirts, or tank tops. No shoes will be needed. If you must wear shoes to class, they should be clean soled (not street shoes) scuff-free shoes. Consider Toe Sox for better traction, warmth, and increased circulation, (available for sale at the studio).


Should I eat before a session?

Try to allow two hours between your last meal and your class. If you need to eat more frequently, then have a light snack about an hour before class.  A full stomach can make your practice very uncomfortable.


What do I need to bring with me?

A water bottle and small hand towel are nice to have.


What yoga props can I purchase at LWS?  

We are excited to carry props from Yoga Accessories, Manduka and more!  We also carry great props for pilates, relaxing, meditating, fitness, and wellness.