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Owner Kristina Lange exited the corporate world in 2004 to pursue her passion for helping people create their own productive passionate lives. After a year of traveling (one of her personal passions) she founded EndWell Coaching as the hub for this new vocation. Soon after she started teaching pilates. “There is so much interplay between life coaching and body work, it was just a natural fit for me.” First introduced to mat pilates in the mid 90‘s Kristina shares, “I was smitten by the effectiveness of the work and its ability to focus my thinking. It became the gateway for me to learn how to quiet my mind and expand my practice into other areas like yoga.” 
Jocelyn brings a vibrant sense of playfulness to her classes. A yoga teacher since 2010, with training in Dance, Music, Theatre, Martial Arts, and Massage Therapy, she uses her multifaceted experience to guide students on a fun and exploratory asana practice. Jocelyn loves to guide her students through the kinesthetic experience of being in their body, and encourages every students to find joy in the present moment, whether that's in a Yoga, Meditation, or Kirtan (devotional chanting) class. She is a formal student of Rishi Maha Mandaleshwar Sri Shambhavananda Yogi, or Babaji (as his students call him), Jocelyn is an ERYT-200, RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance through the Shambhava School of Yoga. In addition to teaching at Live Well, Jocelyn is a Lead Trainer for Live Well’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Program, and the Assistant Studio Manager.
I love yoga practice and the awareness, strength, knowledge and healing that accompany it. If I am feeling out of balance or a little off in any area of my life, I find an answer on my mat. It gives me time to get quiet, get in tune with my spirit and my heart. I took my first class in 2003 and fell in love. The simple but profound action of showing up, becoming present with the breath and letting go has truly changed my life. The mind-body-spirit connection I have found continues to deepen my understanding on and off the mat. My practice and my classes are a creative process for me, allowing me to further explore the connection that keeps me coming back. Every breath, every practice provides opportunity for a completely new experience, I hope to stay open to that possibility, and encourage others to do the same. I hope that any fellow yogi who finds my class will feel comfortable and at ease, free to explore their own individual process and their body as it is that day. E-RYT 500
I’ve practiced yoga for thirteen years, and have taught for the last nine. Each passing day brings me into deeper relationship with the practice, myself, and others. Yoga teaches me to unravel the intricacies of my heart and when I think I’ve reached some end point it guides me to a new corner. My hatha yoga practice teaches me to pay attention to my body, that there is much to be learned from this body, and that the body is a gateway to presence, wisdom and love. I am grateful to study Hatha Yoga with the masterful Kira Sloane, Lisa Wells, Darren Rhodes, and Christina Sell, and I study meditation, philosophy, and Tibetan Buddhism with Kimberley Theresa, Mira Shani, Jarret Levine, and Douglas Veenhoff. My meditation practice teaches me of the profundity of the mind, attention and dreams. I finished my Master's degree at OSU in contemplative practices, Buddhist philosophy, and psychology. I will be away for 2018 in a solitary meditation retreat. Please stay in touch: http://wisdomlotus.org
Irene Schoppy is a certified 500 hour Kripalu Yoga teacher. Irene's yoga classes include meditation and pranayama (breath awareness and control) in addition to yoga poses. She bring her love of nature and yoga philosophy into class with poems and readings. Irene studies meditation in the Thich Nhat Hanh tradition and attends a yearly silent retreat. Off the mat, Irene enjoys backpacking with her husband, gardening, cooking, and riding her bike around Corvallis.

In addition to master’s degrees in neuroscience and special education, I am a life long spiritual seeker. I have studied and practiced many years in various Yoga schools, Eastern philosophy, Ayurvedic living principles, and Hindu mythology. Most recently I identify with Rajanaka yoga philosophy, a Tantric philosophy. My primary teachers are Douglas Brooks and Sarahjoy Marsh. My yoga training and practice have granted me space and quietness of mind enough to feel the rhythm and pulsation of life in everything and everyone around me. It is this pulsation that hooks me and draws me into the dance of relationship with life: the sorrow, the grief, the ecstasy, the passion, the work, the need, the trees, the being. This state I recognize as Goddess, and I celebrate with each passing breath. This state I recognize as God, and I celebrate with each passing movement. This state I celebrate with each interaction, each class. MS, ERYT500, C-IAYT

Dean first tried yoga in 1996 as an 'easy' fitness credit while at
college. Intrigued he continued the practice until 2010 when it became
a much more significant part of his life. Dean completed both his 200
and 300 hour teacher trainings at Live Well studio as of 2018. Deans'
classes often involve a focus on nervous system relaxation, respecting
ones own intuition, linking movement to breath, practicing presence in
our bodies, minds and hearts, meditation, as well as letting go and
perhaps having some goofy fun. Life is often quite serious, after all
this is only practice! When not practicing he can be found rock
climbing, drinking tea, reading books, playing role playing games, and
eating chocolate.
Cait’s passion for the body and movement began as a child during her 14 year study of ballet and modern dance. As an adult and marathoner, she found that practicing yoga allowed her to balance the intensity of a corporate lifestyle, cross train her body for distance running and help calm her busy mind. Drawn to yoga to compliment her active lifestyle, Cait has found yoga to be the ideal foundation for not only improving athletic performance but finding inner peace. Her teaching style focuses on alignment and breath, and extends from her personal practice in Ashtanga Yoga. Cait’s classes will challenge you to push your edge, draw on untapped strengths and guide all levels of students toward achieving greater balance, leaving with the pleasant echo of your effort glowing. RYT-200
Diana Blau has always enjoyed using her body physically. An active individual who enjoys dance, acrobatics, and all kinds of body movement styles. She is a self taught practitioner of yoga, and started her practice in 2013. She is a certified Pilates instructor and a certified Yoga Teacher through the Live Well 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program. She loves exploring the body and developing her physical intelligence. She finds joy in assisting and motivating others to do the same.
Olivia has loved yoga from the first time she stepped onto a mat at a Chicago Park District class in 2006. The majority of her practice has involved traditional hatha, vinyasa, and restorative styles. She has also practiced beginner Ashtanga and Forrest as well as Bikram and other heated styles of yoga. Olivia strives to achieve sthira (steadiness) and sukha (comfort) in her practice; alignment and modifications are top priorities in each pose. Classes she teaches are a creative and deliberate fusion of asana, pranayama, and mindfulness with some music and smiling mixed in too. The word Yoga means “to unite”, and Olivia loves connecting with others and sharing the experience of yoga! Off the mat, Olivia is an academic advisor at OSU and a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA essential oils. She enjoys cooking, coloring, volunteering, knitting, and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
My relationship with yoga is an important grounding contribution to my spirit walk. The teachings layer in nicely with my connection to and practice of Native American Sweatlodge and philosophies, love of our Mother Earth and wisdom of the Self = the One. Practices and concepts I enjoy bringing to the mat and classes are: pranayama, meditation, chanting, asana, meridian energy, and learnings from ancient Indian texts. Love the Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata and Upanishads just for the shear enjoyment of it; always something to learn or marvel at. Other Earthly enjoyments during the rest of life: reading, music, the out of doors, growing things (in the garden, heart & mind), cooking, any art project, carpentry, and broadening the circle of friends = family of the heart. Come practice together. Namaste.
Kristen teaches a strong and mindful vinyasa flow. Her personal practice includes vinyasa, power, ashtanga, hatha and yoga philosophy - specifically the yoga sutras. She values being a student of yoga, and life, and is grateful for the practice and for her teachers. Her classes offer the stability of tradition as well as opportunity to dig deep, explore, connect, and grow in your practice.
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