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9:30 pm


We traditionally close yoga classes with the word Namaste. Namaste roughly translates “the light in me bows to the light in you” or “the divine in me bows to the divine in you.”  We begin by bowing to the light in ourselves. We acknowledge the divine light we bring to the world each day. The intention of yoga is to clear the fog around  us so that our light can shine clearly and be of service to the world.  We come into the fullness of our lives, refreshed and bright from yoga. Then we bow to all the lights in the room around us.  Taking in the beauty and divinity of our yoga community.  Then we think of the lights in the rest of our lives, the people we work with, our families, people in shops or restaurants we visit. We bow to these divine beings and their place in our lives. And finally, we bow to the lights that are difficult to see. The people we know who hide or dim their lights. The people for whom, because of our own weaknesses, we struggle to see their divinity. When we remember to acknowledge the light and divinity of each person, we become the pathway to a brighter world. Namaste.

11:28 pm

Beginning with Gratitude

Namaste, I bow to the light within you!  I am excited, blessed, and joyous to be opening Live Well Studio with Kristina Ender.  My prayer and intention is that Live Well Studio is a blessing to all who join us in this wellness community. Experience has taught me that when I begin each day with gratitude  life is good. Appreciation influences every moment and I am able to  meet both the challenges and the blessings of my life with grace.   In this spirit, I offer these words of gratitude at this moment of new beginnings. Thank you Jay for being my partner and best friend for nearly 30 years.  Thank you for supporting me through the ups and downs of life and loving me even when I was unable to love myself.  I love you and look forward to our next 30 years together. Thank you Summer and Gabriel for bringing so much joy and happiness into my life.  You have taught me more than you could ever imagine.  Thank you for being your amazing selves.  I love you. Thank you Dora, Bill, Courtney, Joanna and Mitch.   Dad, I wish you could be here to celebrate.  You taught me to find work that I love and to not compromise or sell myself short.  I am grateful for your presence and influence throughout my life. Thank you Barbara and Eugene.   I am grateful for your consistent love and support, and even more so for the love and support you have given to Jay.  I am grateful for the man you raised him to be. Thank you Richard Rosen, Donald Moyer, K-Lea Gifford, Janet Hochfeld, Lori Gholson, John Friend, Sarajoy Marsh, Vinn Marti, Keith Hennessey, Alito Alessi, Sister Antoinette, Gretchen Woods, Arianna Economou, David Koteen, Karl Frost, Tjeerd van Andel, Martin Stout and all the other teachers I have studied with through the years.  You planted the seeds that have grown into the work I do today. Thank you to all my students.  You are my most influential teachers.  I learn by listening to you, watching you, and moving with you. Thank you for your presence, your support and your love.  I would not be here without you. Thank you to Lily Gael, my bff and conspirator on the path. Thank you Kristina Ender.  I could have not dreamed of a better business partner. Thank you Ellen, Andre, Matthew, Irene, Kelly, Allison, Tina, Christine, Valerie, Brigitte and all of the teachers who have worked beside me at Cedar and Fir Studio over the years. The creation of the studio has been a long learning process and you have helped mold it to become the place it is today. The list of people who have pushed and pulled and molded me into the person I am is much too long to document here.  I send gratitude and love in all directions.  Especially to those whose pushes I fought or resisted for your influence was the greatest in moving me out of my comfort zones and into a bigger manifestation. My greatest thanks and awe to this divine mystery that is this life.  I bow to the wonder of all that is.  I bow to the beautiful and bounteous earth around me.  I bow to the pull of the heavens, the support of the earth, and this amazing place I inhabit between the two. May all know peace.