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1:57 pm

Body Love!

Your body is a miracle.  Think of all the things it is doing right now:  lungs breathing, heart beating, blood pumping, energy processing, intestines digesting, glands functioning, nerves firing, eyes reading, mouth salivating, muscles holding you up, marrow making blood cells, bones providing structure, tendons and ligaments tying you together, and on and on and on.  I couldn’t possibly list all the functions and processes occurring in this moment of being alive.  And it all happens with almost no effort.  We awake to this miracle of the body alive each day. This miracle, your body deserves your deepest love and your greatest care.  I invite you to adore your body.  I invite you to treat this gift as the precious and rare object that it is.  I invite you to the revolutionary act of loving your body: loving your body just as it is. The modern world surrounds us with stories and images designed to convince us that our bodies are not good enough.  The media is constantly trying to convince us that we need whiter teeth, firmer flesh, a different skin tone, straighter hair, or some other intervention so that we will be lovable.  The media subverts us into thinking our bodies are not worthy of our love unless we change them into some carbon cutout of the media’s defined ideal.  All of those stories are a lie.  You are worthy of your love just as you are.  Your body is beautiful and perfect right now. It might feel silly to shower your body in love.  It might induce giggles, similar to the sensation of any new love.  It might make you feel a little embarrassed.   That’s okay. Enjoy the sweetness of allowing yourself to fall in love.  This love may take a little coaxing to come to light.  Say the words to yourself again and again.  Look in the mirror with appreciation and speak love to the image you see.  As you find the words and feelings, smile and relax into them.  You are worthy of this love. We have been taught to malign our bodies, to shame our bodies, and to be afraid of our bodies.  Many of us have been taught that our bodies are the pathway to sin.  We have been shamed for touching ourselves or for seeking body pleasure.  We have been shamed for the desires of our flesh.  These stories are a lie.  There is freedom and liberty in finding the heaven that exists in your body right now.  You do not need anything outside yourself to find this bliss, no drugs or enhancements are required. Bliss exists in you. Join the revolution of loving your body.  Look in the mirror and smile.  Be grateful for this body.  Observe the perfect body you have been gifted.  Listen to what your body wants today, and follow that direction.  Keep asking your body what it needs, what it wants.  Let the mind quiet and listen to your body.    This is a revolutionary act.   It isn’t easy to hear the body:  let the mind quiet.  Listen.