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5:22 pm

Client Success Story: Beyond Fullness ~Tim Enright

I started this year in a very depleted state.  My family life is full and rich so I knew it was something changing within me.  My lovely cousin has a small house in Palm Desert that she has made available to me.  I spent 2 months there in a solo retreat and returned to Oregon in April (2013) refreshed but by no means full.  In my search for fellow Qi Gong practitioners I discovered Live Well Studio.


Live Well Studio is more than a business.  It is a community service and a gathering place full of loving people. Life is full in this place.


My experience started in the Gentle Yoga class where Lisa weaves her magic and shares her gifts.  She moves with such grace and ease as she transforms your morning.  I expanded into her Flow class which was equally transformative.  Ashtanga with Lissy was next and what a power experience as she breaths life into the Primary Series for me (she makes it look so easy).  Sandwiched between the two morning Astanga classes is Irene's Hatha Yoga class which was perfect mix of moon - sun.  And then there is Angie who bring song and story telling into your practice.  Prepare to be entertained in the most delightful way as she takes you to new places.


These were just the morning classes.  I have no idea what goes on in the afternoon but it must be fun.  I can feel this as I put order to the disarray of props in the mornings.  There is also a very strong Pilates presence here at the studio with group classes and private sessions with equipment.  The Pilates instructors are equally impressive.  I would like to explore more fully on my next visit.


I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity of greeting all the beautiful souls as they entered this space.  I can still see each and everyone of you.  The joy in your eyes and the sweetness in your hearts.  Each and every day you added bountiful portions of goodness to my soul.


I owe a special depth of gratitude to my benefactor Kristina who made all of this possible.  You are a most gracious and generous host who seemed to know exactly what was needed to return me to, and beyond, Fullness.  Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for making me a part of your community.


My Summer of Yoga and return to Fullness and Beyond...

... with love and gratitude to all

... Om Shanti Om

... tim


Live Well footnote: Tim has migrated south for the winter. We wish him safe and joyful adventures and look forward to his return.