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3:53 pm

Whole Body, Whole Heart

Dear Yoga Students of Live Well Studio, 


I am very honored to have the opportunity to meet you in May, when I come to Live Well to teach a workshop on the 17th. The workshop will be a blending of yoga asana in a hatha flow style, with a bit of story and theory. I’m excited to join Angela Greenwood and others in your community who are teaching and practicing at the intersection of yoga asana with the extraordinarily powerful teachings of yoga’s rich mythological tradition.


We’ll be discussing three fascinating characters from the Hindu pantheon, the Goddesses Sarasvati, Kali, and Laxmi, or Sri. Deities in yoga are such an interesting topic. They can be adored at many levels. There are, as you might imagine, whole schools of yoga steeping in what we traditionally think of as diety “worship”, and by this I mean the religious approach to the icons that asks us to receive the universe as an authority over us, and to engage our yoga as a practice of self improvement, of worthiness cultivation - as a way of righting the wrongs of our  humanity. There is a beautiful quality of love, or bhakti, embedded into these traditions. However, it has been my experience that If we’re not careful, we can turn everything we do into a way to criticize ourselves. “I’m terrible about sticking to a home practice, “ we say,  or, “I’m so BAD,  I should eat more green smoothies.” 


SO here’s a thought - What if, as so many of the teachings of yoga suggest - everything really is Divine? Every one of us, every living being, yes, but also your every mood and preference, your thoughts and actions, you victories and successes, your gaffs and foibles, every imaginable thing? 


This is the proposition of the Triadic Heart of the Goddess tradition. This is a yoga that asks us to receive the universe and our very lives as a both a gift, the no strings attached kind, and also as an invitation to co create our lives in partnership with the energies in and around us. From this perspective, the deities are nothing but aspects of every one of us, and their “worship” a practice of getting to know ourselves, one god or goddess at a time.


We’ll look at some of the many ways that elements of the yoga we do in our regular classes, the biomechanics, the breath based movement and even the way we modify for injuries converse with these ancient wise archetypes, and in the process we may deepen our understanding of how to claim the practice of yoga as our own. How to practice our yoga as a way of living in constant remembrance of our own inherent worth, our deep divinity and greatness.


I look so forward to meeting you there.