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Yogi of the Month

Our Yogi of the month program helps us celebrate Yogis who exemplify Yoga on and OFF the mat. It is our hope that by sharing our personal stories of Yoga, we inspire and encourage others to find their path to wellbeing. This month we honor and celebrate Ann Schauber. Ann, a long time student at Live Well, (thank you!), embraced our summer unlimited class special and has practiced with us nearly everyday. It's been a joy to witness her expand her practice and share in her spirited presence.

Enjoy Ann's story and may it spark you to bravely explore something new.

What inspired you to up your commitment to practice this summer?
I have been wanting a daily yoga practice for awhile but my daily motivation to do so was not working so the summer special was the incentive I needed. In fact, I declared the summer to be a summer of retreat for me to become more of who I really am. I wanted a daily meditation practice and a daily yoga practice as a part of my retreat. I have done better with the yoga practice this summer, but heh, summer is not officially over yet.

What benefits have risen from your yoga practice?
As a postmenopausal woman, I find that my body needs regular stretching and strengthening to keep the aches and pains away and yoga definitely makes a difference!! In yoga, I am totally focused on my internal body and that in itself is a meditative practice. I find that I am getting to know my body in a whole new and fascinating way. Yoga for me also brings my energetic self fully into my body. My energy tends to hang out above the heart and I need to be more grounded and in my body. Yoga does that for me!

What is your favorite yoga pose? And why?
I don't have one favorite pose. I also have poses that make me groan before I move into them. I can, however, tell you what my favorite yoga class is: my favorite yoga class is when I walk out of the studio feeling like I have stretched muscles I didn't know I had and I feel fully present in my body. It is a great feeling!!

When you are not practicing yoga, what are you about?
I am about being present and listening to my inner guidance and paying attention to what shows up in my life. I am an emeritus professor of Oregon State University and I have a small consulting business called Caracolores, which focuses on working with our human differences within the self, in twos and small groups and in larger groups and organizations. My doctoral studies are in intercultural communication and organizational change. After my time at OSU, I spent eleven years with a school in Whitefish, Montana. I was a student, board member, and later director of the school. I am now focused on blending what I learned about our non-physical self and blending that with our cultural self. And I love that exploration.

What are people surprised to learn about you?
I have two great adult children. People seem most surprised when I tell them that I have a son who works with the sun as a solar physicist. My daughter is an arts educator with a focus on arts integration into the community. Believe it or not, the solar physicist is more employable in this economy.

What brings you joy?
Every day! Watching the birds in our yard, working in our yard, getting out to the ocean, the mountains, the wild places of Oregon.

I am honored to be chosen.
Thanks to Kristina and Lisa for thinking of me.

We're grateful to Manduka for their generous sponsorship of this program.

4:55 pm

Protecting Your Vitality by Angela Grace Greenwood

Many of you know I am finishing up advanced training in yoga therapy. It has been an interesting path with emotional highs and lows, and many, many trips to Portland over the course of the last year and a half. Near the end of the training two months ago, it dawned on me how profoundly tired I was, bone tired as my mother would say. Life has a way of wearing us down if we are not intentional in self-care. You can think of your body, mind and spirit as a reservoir with input and output. We input energy through the food we consume, the air we breathe, the people with whom we associate, the thoughts we cultivate, and movement of our body. All of this helps fill up the tank. Then we can direct and use, that energy for the work of life. If the outgoing flow of energy is balanced by input and is focused, we have a sustainable energetic system. If, however, our system is unbalanced, leaky, and the outflow disperse, we are ripe for collapse. Such was my case. To replenish my reservoir, I slept as much as my schedule would allow, ate fresh nourishing foods, spent extra time in meditation, walked in the forest, and practiced yoga poses my body called for. There is no choice really. If you are not intentional in protecting your vitality, your human system will self-correct by crashing in some aspect. You will be left without the ability to continue down the paths you love. The teachings and techniques of yoga help us patch the leaks certainly. More importantly, however, yoga teaches us how to change behaviors and thought patterns that are draining us, focus our efforts, and step into a vibrant sustainable life. Join Angela Grace and Lisa Wells for In-Tune with the Self: a self care yoga retreat, October 17-19 at Still Meadows Retreat Center. Learn more here.