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4:29 pm

Nothing Typical About This Yoga Class

On Saturday, October 4, the 9:00 am class will morph into what I’m calling Yoga & Strength Conditioning.  Recent research is indicating that strength in muscles groups supporting joints is critical for injury prevention and overall function of the body.

This active, energetic class is a combination of traditional yoga poses and conditioning exercises including Pilates mat work, therabands, foam rollers, and balance boards. These exercises are designed for specific conditioning of the stabilizing joints in the body to support rehabilitation from injury and cross training for athletic pursuits as well as to improve daily functional movement and comfort. 

You’re right; this won’t be a typical yoga class. It will include exercises to focus movement, awareness and breath to stabilizing muscles. These muscles are easy to forget and override with the strength of larger group muscles. Conversely, strengthening them will facilitate your asana practice and keep your knees, shoulders, and lower back safe.

And it won’t be a typical fitness class either. Don’t expect crunches, squats, or even many chatarangas.  You can expect to breathe together, move slowly, with intention, and feel what is really happening in the body. In short, we will practice yoga even in movements not typical to a yoga class.

Join me Saturdays, starting October 4, 9 am for Yoga & Strength Conditioning plus a healthy dose of laughter, humility, grace, and joy as we play and grow stronger together.

2:51 pm

In Tune with the Self

I just took an on-line stress assessment test. My score of 338 put me in the category “You have a high risk of becoming ill in the very near future.” The back story: We’re moving. Both of our sons are moving out of town. One is starting college and the other taking a year off from college. We are remodeling a house and moving to the other side of town. We are growing a large garden with the goal of food independence.  We’ll be landlords. We have a new housemate. Jay has a new job. Those are the big changes. Smaller changes simmer in the background. I’m excited by the changes, and I can feel the stress in my shoulders, observe it in my dreams, and experience it in occasional bouts of short temper.  What to do?

Yoga, of course. I’m sure this doesn’t surprise you; the way I manage my stress is with my yoga practice. The magic of yoga is that it is a recipe that helps your body return to its parasympathetic nervous system state of relaxation. What does that mean?  It means your body has relaxation and healing abilities programmed into it.  Living in constant stress the body gets stuck in it’s aroused state. The aroused state is useful if you need to defend yourself from attack, get a lot done, or get angry at a wrong done. But when you are not under direct attack the physiology of stress will harm your body because the body cannot regenerate and heal itself, digest, or sleep well when it is in its aroused state. Yoga can teach us what we already know, but have forgotten: how to slow down, release stress, return to our relaxation state and let the body heal itself.  It is this experience that I believe is the magic of yoga. It is why Savasana is the most important pose of your practice. When you settle into Savasana after breathing and moving you can let everything go and let your body return to its baseline healing state.

We all need this de-stressing yoga medicine, and that is what Angie and I will be offering at our fall retreat “In Tune with the Self: A Yoga Retreat of Self Care.”  Angie and I will serve up a generous portion of our favorite self-care yoga.  We’ll arrive on Friday evening, share a delicious healthy dinner, followed by a full body restorative yoga practice and a good night’s sleep.  On Saturday morning, you have the option of awaking early for an energizing yoga practice with Angie, rising a bit later for a walking meditation with Lisa, or simply sleeping in until breakfast During the day we’ll have two yoga sessions designed to awaken your internal yogic wisdom, ground that wisdom into your body, and release any residual tension that remains. Saturday night will close with kirtan singing led by the fabulous Johanna Beekman. Sunday morning will begin with the same options of energizing yoga, walking meditation or sleeping in. After breakfast we’ll talk about how to take your yoga medicine and put it into daily practice. And, we’ll tie it all together with a final session of yoga medicine magic.

About our theme: In Tune with the Self. In yoga philosophy, capital S-Self implies the bigger self, the bigger knowing, and the intuitive self we find in meditation, stillness, and asana. Capital S-Self knows how to take care of itself. When we are living ‘In Tune’ with ‘the Self’ we are at our best, our most whole, and our healthiest. It becomes easy to care for the self, (the small s-self, the little self, the day-to-day self) because it is what we want to do.  We (the Self) love our selves into wellness. It feels like magic, but I would argue it is a natural physiological process that we can tap into if we learn the recipe. Yoga teaches us the recipe for finding our Selves. Bonus? As the body relaxes we can tap into our natural states of awe and wonder that feed our souls as well as our bodies.

We truly hope you will join us for a dose of sweet yoga medicine!