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Psychology of the Heart

About five years ago a long-term yogi dharma friend who I hadn’t seen in a while said something striking: “I’ve been practicing the spiritual path pretty well, on a daily basis, for about ten years now – meditation, yoga and ethical living. Something’s really bothering me: I’m not getting happier, my relationships aren’t thriving, and I don’t really like my life so much … what’s wrong?” I knew him to be a sincere practitioner and didn’t doubt the truth of his statement or import of his question ... and he’s not the only one wondering about these things. I’ve spent much of my time since attempting to address the question – in adult workshops and as a Psychology Professor at OSU: exploring the intersections of positive psychology, meditation and yoga, adult development, Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, world religions and the like.

So what is the relationship between spiritual practices like meditation and yoga, and happiness and personal growth … for example, from the young but exploding field of positive psychology? And what does all of this have to do with the process of human growth and development? Can one excel in one direction and not in another? Are spiritual growth, human maturity, and happiness the same thing or different? What can we spiritual travelers learn from recent research in positive psychology, meditation, and adult development, to ensure that we are actually on an effective path to thrive, to grow, to flourish … to Live Well?


We’ll explore these questions in our Psychology of the Heart workshops, with plenty of time for discussion, personal exercises, and inspiration from like-minded friends and fellow travelers. Come with an open heart and mind … and we’ll learn from each other.


Psychology of the Heart with Winston McCullough
November 15 and 16th, 12-4:30pm
$108 for full workshop before Nov. 1
$135 full workshop/$70 single day
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