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6:21 pm

Yoga On My Mind

By Koa Tom

My mind gets stuck on things—it reels on a topic over and over, keeping me up at night and not in the present. Yoga is a great tool for taming and channeling this wayward energy, in ways I didn’t expect. Lately, when I’ve found myself up at night, my thoughts racing through my days ahead and all I have to do (as if this will get it done), I start thinking about yoga. I start coming up with a flow or cuing one and, eventually, just thinking of yoga, I realize my breath has lengthened, deepened and evened out. Recollecting the goodness of sinking deep into pigeon or feeling completely balanced through all fours limbs and the crown of my head in half moon, is enough to let the racing thoughts, and even the thoughts of yoga, eventually, slip away and the calm that is the present returns.

Hence, yoga works off the mat, as teachers often say. For me, simply thinking of yoga can evoke the feelings and physiological responses that come with a physical practice, so I can get to studying, writing and enjoying life, including yoga!

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