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5:40 pm

Journey to the Heart

with Angela Grace
Kula is one of my favorite Sanskrit words. It means community of choice. It differentiates between people you choose to be with and community of obligation. You enter a kula of sorts every time you come to a yoga class.  There is something so sweet, so expansive, so intimate that develops between yogis as we practice together. As we follow threads of consciousness that connect us to our own deep heart, we discover those same threads lead outward to connect with others. We discover connection to the human condition, and this can explode your practice.

Join me this summer for a two week journey into the heart of yoga, your heart, anandamaya kosha. Each session will work through all layers of your being (koshas) and will include yoga poses (asana), breath work (pranayama), chanting, meditation, and philosophy discussion. You are welcome to take one or both of these sequential journeys into your deep heart space.

Come experience the transformational nature of kula.

Session 1: July 20-July 31, Monday to Friday, 6-8am
Price: $199 early bird until 7/15/15, $249 after. Register Here.

Session 2: August 17 to August 28, Monday to Friday, 6-8am

Price: $199 early bird until 7/15/15, $249 after. Register Here.

6:22 pm

Calling all tight hamstrings, shoulders, hips... Ki-Hara Resistance Training Saturday June 27 12:30-3:30pm

by Lisa Wells

"You're not tight, you feel tight." Tight is a sensation we feel at the end of the range of motion of a joint. It is not a pathology. The solution to tight anything is... increased range of motion. Here's the biomechanics solution to our sensations of tightness: the fastest and safest way to improve range of motion at a joint is to build strength at the end range of motion. Strong hamstrings will allow greater flexion at the hip.

This is where Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching comes in. Ki-Hara is a movement technique that helps us discover where the limitations in our range of motion are located and then teaches us how to build strength through resistance to address those limitations. Via Anderson will be teaching us the Ki-Hara techniques on June 27th. You'll go home with a tool kit of exercises that you can use to complement your personal movement practice, be it yoga, walking, running, biking, dancing, climbing mountains… anything. One of the coolest things about the Ki-Hara technique is that it works equally well for athletes and those with movement limitations. The creators of Ki-Hara work with Olympic Athletes, NFL teams and injured and normal people. Whatever you do, you can do it better when the body has improved strength at end ranges of motion.

If you were here for Jules Mitchell's workshop, Ki-Hara will give you more applications of the theories that Jules presented. This is a great continuation if you were hungry for more information at the end of her workshop. Via Anderson is a local instructor based in Newberg (except in the winters when she calls Puerto Vallarta her home). We're lucky to have someone close by who can introduce us to this technique. Via will also be available for two private sessions the afternoon of the workshop. These sessions will fill fast; I encourage you to book soon to reserve your spot. Register for the workshop here. Register for private sessions with Via Here.

Learn more:

5:27 pm

Dana Offerings from Live Well Studio

Dana is the act of cultivating generosity through the offering of charity and alms to those in need.  Live Well is starting an on-going Dana practice this year.  Our first offerings were collected in May.  We raised $1000 for the Himalayan Children's Fund and offered those funds to Thrangu Tara Abbey. The Abbey provides food, clothing, shelter and education (both secular and buddhist) for young girls from the poorest regions of Nepal. The area was hard hit by the recent earthquakes and this support will be well used in taking care of those most in need.

We will continue our Dana practice through the summer by supporting  A Memorial for Nigel. Nigel's mother is a member or our community and with this offering well pay tribute to his life and memory as well as to the memory of indigenous people of our sacred valley. You can read more about this project here. 

Live Well will offer the profits from the 10:30 and 11:30am classes during June, July and August this summer, so you can support the memorial by attending those classes.  Additionally, look for some special events in the Memorial's honor. Dates haven't been decided yet, but some yogini birds whispered in my ear about a 'Goddesses of Rock Yoga Class' and a 'Balancing and Binding' workshop.  More soon

Finally, there is an offering vase in the lobby, please feel free to add your own personal offering to the studio's.

4:44 pm

Thank You for Donations Made to Himalayan Children's Fund

All together, we raised $1000 for Himalayan Children's Fund including proceeds from the April meditation class, the Cultivating the Heart of Mindful Parenting class and direct cash donations.

Cathy has asked the Director of HCF, Debra Ann Robinson to use this donation to help the nuns at Thrangu Tara Abbey in Swayambunath, Nepal, http://www.rinpoche.com/nuns.html. Many of the buildings including a beautiful prayer hall was badly damaged in the earthquake. Thrangu Tara Abbey provides food, clothing, shelter and education (both secular and Buddhist) for young girls from poorest regions of Nepal; Cathy has visited this Abbey twice, once in 1998 and again in 2001 and hopes to go back in 2016.

Cathy sends her appreciation for your kindness & generosity in supporting her efforts to raise money for those who in Nepal need so much assistance now and will for some time!
Warm wishes