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6:57 pm

Five Year Anniversary!

I’m in awe.  It has been a great five years.  We’re a community.  We come together to practice yoga, to laugh, to play, to fly and to cry.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have you in my life and to call this my work.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We’ll have a day of great festivities to celebrate. Special classes, live music, henna tattoos, and yummy treats to eat and drink. Best of all, Kristina will be here, so please come and give her a hug.  We’ve missed her.  

The revenue from our Anniversary Celebration will go toward one of my favorite things: the Live Well Scholarship Fund.  The Live Well Scholarship fund allows me to say ‘yes’ when someone wants to take yoga but they don’t have the financial means.  Because you are generous, we are able to say Yes to more Yoga for more people.  We thank you!

I’ll be teaching a couple of celebratory classes in the middle of the day. From 2-3:30 being ‘Strong and Gentle Yoga.’ This class is the evolution of my yoga practice: influenced by QiGong, Functional Movement, Resistance Stretching and Feldenkrais.  From 4:00-5:15pm we’ll be ‘Mashing’. Mashing is a unique form of partner bodywork where the 'giver' uses their feet to compress and release tissues of the receiver. It's a great experience for both partners. Bring a friend to work with or make a new friend here.  Get Mashed!


5:39 pm

Atha Yoga~Yoga Now

by Angie Grace

Atha Yoga Anushasanam~Yoga in the here and now; now begins the study of yoga. 1:1 Yoga Sturas of Patanjali

Much has been made of this first sutra of Patanjali’s work the Yoga Sutras. Atha is usually translated as now. I found this definition of atha online, an auspicious and inceptive particle not easily expressed in English. Auspicious and inceptive. We tend to throw the idea of auspiciousness into the past or the future. The sages of the past had it figured out, and we need to realize what they did. Or enlightenment will come after years of two-hour early morning practice. I will be happy then. What if we chose to wake up atha, now? What if we recognized moments of yoga in our daily life atha, now? What if we embody the auspicious nature of existence atha, now?

Today, pause, breathe, and settle into your bones. Then look around you. Repeat aloud or to yourself Atha Yoga. Atha Yoga. Atha Yoga. Notice what draws your awareness.

Yoga Conversations

If you’d like to continue this conversation with Angie, join her the first Saturday of the month starting November 7 at noon. This month, we will begin with an introduction to the Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali. Regular class prices. Feel free to bring your lunch. We will chat until about 1:30. Register here