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1:01 pm

Yoga Sutra 1:1 by Lisa Wells

join the flow of yoga

yoga sutra 1.1
atha yoganusasanam

atha:  now, beginning, in this moment, in this work
yoga: to yoke, to join, to train a wild horse to a chariot
anusanam: a continuing discourse, further teaching, the flow of knowledge

There is a paradox here at the beginning of the sutras.  We are going to begin something that is continuing.  We are going to join the flow of the stream. The discussion has been ongoing, perhaps since the beginning of time or awareness. But each of us has to join in at some point, and now is that moment.  We begin.

What is this flow of knowledge that we will join?  Yoga: the yoking of a wild horse to a chariot. Yoga is the training of the urges of the mind, the wild horse, so it doesn’t run wild pulling us randomly in different directions.  To train is to concentrate the movement of the mind on a goal.  What goal?  We’ll find that out in the following sutras.

So, the yoga sutras begin with the acknowledgement that this technology of mind has been taught before and it is our time to join the stream of that knowledge. And the stream of knowledge will teach us to tame our minds toward a higher goal. More will be revealed.

Tuesdays, from 5:30-6:30 we will meditate and join the flow of knowledge of the yoga sutras.  We'll spend about half of the time meditating, about half of the time discussing the sutras.  And then, if we continue like we did last night, we'll hang around and talk about our personal meditation practices and how meditation benefits our lives. There is a richness, a sweetness, of meditating with others.  Join the flow!