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5:29 pm

What is Yoga Teacher Training About?

by Jocelyn Fultz

I still remember taking my first steps into a yoga studio. Smiling faces, quiet atmosphere, and a lot of questions in my mind. Though I had done yoga before that day so long ago, nothing quite prepares a person for their first yoga class. You are asked to breathe. You are asked to bend your body in strange ways that seem slightly unnatural. You are asked to be aware of your body. I never imagined that only about 12 months later, I would be pursuing my 200 hour Teacher Training Certification.

I was a massage therapist at the time, having transitioned from an unfulfilling acting career. Enjoying the calm and quiet of the spa environment I was spending most of my time in, I wanted to branch further into the wellness industry. Teaching soothing yoga classes seemed like just the thing to compliment what I already had going on. Of course, monetarily speaking, I had to come up with the funds to train, and luckily, my program was on the weekends and included a payment plan, so I didn't lose too many coveted work hours or sleep over the pricing. Without much hesitation, I dove in.

Going through a teacher training program is so much more than learning yoga poses and how to say the funky sanskrit names. I found myself wanting to know what Yoga actually was. The history, philosophy, ideas about living and "Life" in general - Yoga has something to say on all of it. This understanding unravels with time, and I came to realize that I would never know everything - a freeing thought. Instead, I have always said a Teacher Training program is for anyone who is a Yogic Seeker. Teaching comes from a love of sharing, and you do not need to possess this to deepen your practice.

Entering an environment of like minded individuals enables you to open yourself to all the benefits that Yoga has to offer. A program such as this is immersing you in a yogic lifestyle, while allowing you the benefit of staying in your chosen life. After all, there is no running from it. Your life will always follow you. Best to learn how to be present and welcome it. 

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