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4:29 pm

Make Peace. Start Within.

Bumper sticker philosophy is dangerous. When nuanced philosophical thoughts are boiled down to a catch phrase, so much conversation is lost. For example, take the statement I made above. Make Peace. Start Within. Such statements can be used as a rationale for inaction. Or the phrase might connote a docile sensibility when intense action is required. Making peace in your home might require escape from an abusive situation. Social justice will not happen via meditation alone.

However, often a grain of deep truth is represented on the back of your Toyota Prius.

Make Peace. Start Within.

I am reminded of my favorite teaching on the idea of karma. We cannot recognize external events that are not already at play internally. We recognize sarcasm because we have utilized the body language, intonation, and intent behind sarcasm ourselves. We react to intolerance because our bodies remember the stance of being intolerant. We know how to wage war with others because inwardly directed critical thoughts and violent acts are all too familiar. So, yes, for transformational peace to happen in your life, you absolutely must start with yourself.

The reason I am teaching Making Peace with Your Body is because life-altering compassion is possible. Radical acceptance is passionately liberating. The intensely critical inner football coach is wrong. You are an inherently radiant being, and the techniques of yoga will help you remember.

And the bumper sticker is right. "Be the change you want to see in the world," Mahatma Gandhi. Be the peace. Be the light. Start with yourself.

Angela Grace, MS, ERTY500, C-IAYT

Workshop Making Peace with Your Body
Saturdays, Oct 7 - Nov 11, 1-3p, $185
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