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The Goddesses of Rock

by Angela Grace Faulk, MS, ERYT500, C-IAYT

"This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender.” This phrase was written on Pete Seeger’s banjo. It
conveys the power of music to break down barriers and usher people into states of communion, ecstasy, and commonality. In other words, music speaks to the human condition.

I created the Goddesses of Rock yoga class as a celebration of the pounding pulsation of life that crashes the walls we erect and beckons everyone to movement.

For years, I declined to play music during my yoga classes. Unless the music was carefully chosen, it was either a distraction, or I completely ignored it. Yet, I know music is an extraordinary way to alter my nervous system. On my phone is a play list entitled “Happy Songs.” I play it on all sorts of occasions, including just ‘cause. Without exception, my breath and mood match the song. The music draws me in, and I am transported into the mythology of the lyrics where I play out a variety of psychological roles including heroine and renegade. I return to reality expanded, ready to meet life with gusto. Repeatedly, I gravitate to the gutsy, gravel-ly, visceral intonations of female rock artists, The Goddesses of Rock.

This class is a unique asana class that marries yoga poses with music. We will practice a playfully vigorous sequence that peaks and then eases into shavasana and meditation. The music will be loud at times; earplugs are welcome. Come play. Come move. Come answer the rhythm.


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