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The Core, Pilates, and You

from Lisa Wells

starpicJoseph Pilates was an enormously creative man.  He started by training himself, then he worked withinjured WWI vets and finally with professional dancers and the elite of NYC. Pilates created a movement and exercise lexicon that can be adapted to almost any body type to increase physical performance and decrease physical pain. Pilates exercises are great as a home workout or in a group class and are  supplement any athletic regime. They will help balance the bodies of yogis, dancers, runners, tennis players, horseback riders, golfers and athletes in general.

Whether you want to learn the Pilates lexicon more thoroughly for your personal practice or to teach, this Pilates Teacher Training is a great opportunity to deepen your understanding of the practice. In addition to the exercises themselves we will learn a tensegrity-based view of human anatomy that explains how Pilates (and Yoga) simultaneously create strength and increase range of motion in the body.

The class will include supplemental functional fitness and eccentric loading exercises for shoulder and hip stability so that you can easily create a whole body workout. As you come to understand the ‘how’ of Pilates, you can become as creative as the man himself, with masterpiece workouts built from your fundamental knowledge and tuned to your or your clients needs.


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