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7:21 pm

Each moment is the right moment

I’ve been on a lengthy reading hiatus, sparkedsam-austin-629578-unsplash_copy
by a teacher who reminded me of the power of listening within to hear what can seem like the hearable. It’s been a wonderfully comforting time, listening for what inspires and calls me forward.


I recently wondered when, or if, I’d end this hiatus. Our world has so much stimuli, the reduction in input has been sweet and nourishing. And it occurred. I recently came across Ravi Ravindra, one of my teacher’s translations of the Yoga Sutras. Hiatus over.


This small yet enormous foundational Yogic text, feels Divinely appropriate at this time of transition. Add to this the energy and uplift of the summer season which can feel like a calling to go and do and be out and about, I was rewarded with comfort on page one with Sutra 1.1. Here, now, is the teaching of yoga.


Ravi’s wise commentary includes, “Yoga does not require sitting on a cushion in meditation and it is not limited to a specified hour or a particular posture. Each moment is the right moment and the present moment is the best one.”


Yoga is this moment whether we are doing the dishes, tending a garden or hiking up the South Sister. The practice of being present, being here now, is the gift of yoga. May your summer be blessed with the gift of presence, for this is where what can seem un-hearable, can be heard.


~Om Shanti,