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Rest your nervous system. Nurture Resiliency.

Resiliency Yoga with Angela Grace

KoaATom stock 1I am so excited to offer this weekly class as part of a yoga program I'm calling Resiliency Yoga.


Resiliency Yoga is the natural outcome of my studies with the NeuroMeditation Institute and of current pain science.


Each weekly class will include gentle movement, calming breathwork, and meditation.


Here's the twist...all the techniques we practice will either be Quiet Mind or Mindfulness practices. As defined by the NeuroMeditation Institute, both Quiet Mind and Mindfulness practices illicit slow brain wave patterns.


I chose the name of this program very intentionally. Dictionary.com defines resiliency as the power or ability to return to the original form...after being bent, compressed, or stretched. It is also defined as the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy.  


Any manner of trauma such as persistent pain, health issues, grief, anxiety, or prolonged stress restrict your nervous system's capacity to navigate everyday life. They diminish your resiliency, but don't despair. You can rebuild your vitality.


It works like this. Trauma increases your nervous system's threat sensitivity. Once your physiology has dealt with a trauma, it remembers. Your nervous system resets to detect threats more easily and activate your emergency systems more rapidly. It's the once bitten, twice shy philosophy in action.


This becomes a problem when your nervous system readjusts to make a heightened state of arousal the new normal. When this happens, your nervous system reacts to non-threatening physical sensations and environmental circumstances as if there were an emergency.


Quiet Mind and Mindfulness practices produce an increase in alpha and theta brain waves respectively. The slower brain waves shift your nervous system to a calmer state allowing you to rest and recover, allowing you to nurture your resiliency.


Please join me for this extraordinary, healing practice.


Starts Wednesday, October 17, 4-5p
This is a new weekly class.



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